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A cute pink nail file for a perfect manicure

Double Sided Pink Nail File Kit

Double Sided Pink Nail File Kit

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Your weekly mani routine needs a color boost?

Our cute pink nail file does the trick in a few gentle file strokes.


Double sided pink nail file:
1- Shape: achieve the perfect length and shape with the coarser side of the file.
2- Finish: fine grain for smooth edges. Ideal for dealing with scratches.
180 / 240 grits

Precise shaping.
Flexible: works smoothly without damaging your nails.
Lightweight, easy to handle.
Smoothen the sharp and rough edge easily

Included: 2 tender wood sticks cuticle pushers.
Never cut your cuticles, moisturise them and push them nicely.
Length: 15cm

For natural nails only.
Dimensions: 17,8cm x 1,9cm

Our files are made in Korea, an exception for our "made in local" brand. Why? Because we’re always sourcing the best suppliers; this time there was no awesome close alternative, so we broaden the search. Best files ever.


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